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We create photographs and films that will age well with time. We aim to tell your story as exclusive as it is - every love story is different, and we document it accordingly.
We value connection with our couples, creating both exclusivity and intimacy in our work. Our art.


A Collection
of M

to be held close forever

We adore Cherize’s grandfather. He always narrates the best stories from when he was younger, and whenever Cherize would feel overwhelmed with the world when she was little, she’d sit on his lap, and he’d hold her tight
and tell her a story. This made her feel safe, and up until this day, she cherishes those lap sitting stories. It made her feel shielded, protected when she was at her most vulnerable.


You know that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you are overwhelmed, and your lover holds you tight? Or when you hear the bath filling up with warm water after a long day? Or when you’re road tripping down to the coast and as you get closer, the smell of the ocean hits you?
This is what we want our work to feel like.


Like a fresh breeze of air running through your wild hair.

Like the smell of your lover’s cardigan when you hold them tight.

Like the lukewarm water on your skin when you’re tired.

Like the early morning sunlight when you drink tea out of your favourite cup.

Like the bubbles in your Prosecco when celebrating something big.


This, this is our core desires for our work.

Love notes from rad lovers:

to be held close forever

Tayla & Ryan

 There are no other words but wow. Our expectations were greatly exceeded for our special day. Ries is your right hand girl, she made our day effortless, relaxed and fun all while delivering the most professional service and need I say outstanding photos. Ries was not only our photographer but also someone I consider a friend now. She is passionate and beyond talented at what she does.

“Our expectations were greatly exceeded.”

Kris & Nick

Dearest Ries and Morne, we cannot thank you enough for capturing our special day yesterday  you two are such a power couple and just ridiculously talented! We couldn’t have had a better team capture our day. Thank you for making us feel so relaxed during the day. You only added to all the fun! We honestly had the most amazing weekend  you two are going so far, we feel honoured you were part of our day! All our love xxx

“You’re a greatly talented power couple.”

Shavonne & Dylan

How do you document every single special moment, emotion, feeling, tear and giggles on your wedding day? You book Ries and Morné! Wow! Wow! Wow! This is more than I ever expected. Your job is so much more than just photography. Your storytelling is honest, raw and pure! How you have captured our day is a God-given talent and art. We got married in the rain and somehow you turned it into a masterpiece – where the rain messed up my hair and make-up you created a beautiful story to look back on. How you made us feel in front of your lens is an absolute talent, even my husband who hates photos enjoyed working with you. We didn’t have to worry about messy hair or double chins, because you turned everything into perfection. We will never be able to thank you enough, honestly.

“Your storytelling is honest, raw, and pure!”


Let us tell your story.

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