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We are capturing the essence of the human soul and telling stories of the beautiful connections that exist between us. 

Our style and

to documenting your wedding

We don’t have the perfect comprehensive phrase to describe our style, but we’ll love to elaborate on our approach. Our core purpose is to document the connections and relationships between beautiful souls.


We’re not about getting the perfect shots of your shoes and perfume laying on a pretty platform and posing you to give your mom a warm hug. We’re about the unscripted, unexpected, unposed, unplanned moments. That is what we’re invested in. We document raw moments as they unfold, warm hugs as they happen spontaneously, your closest friends dancing like lunatics. That’s our essence. Our soul food. 


We always reminisce about our wedding day a few months ago, and how we couldn’t wait to see all the moments that we might have missed through our wedding photos. This is what we’re about – as you enjoy and fully soak up your wedding day, you miss a few things. Like the way your dad looks at you just before giving you away in church, or the way your mom snobs when he does it, these are all moments you might miss, you might never even know that these things happened, and that’s what we’re there for.


Documenting these unseen, unplanned moments for you to cherish for years to come. “We search for the delicate & ephemeral moments.” - Cherize & Morné 

A typical wedding
day with us:


We take a very hands-off approach to wedding photography. We shoot from the moment the love of your life put on their garments, to the rad dance moves at the end of the day – and everything in between.


We will take all sorts of storytelling shots that perfectly portrays what the day felt like – what the weather was like, the scenery around you, all contributing to your imperfect love story.


During the ceremony we will move around quietly, focusing on your emotions as well as every person there. We always catch some sincere tears and tummy laughs during this time. Thereafter, we will guide you through family photos with your nearest and dearest – and then the party starts. 



Bridal party photos will be nothing but fun (bring champagne!) This will include a few formal shots of you looking at the camera, but for the most it will be interactive and spontaneous moments that describes your relationships with each of your close friends.

P.S. You don't have to choose a bridal party if you don't want to - it's the 21st century.